Happy Feet Mondays @ Joe's Great American Bar & Grill

04.20.15 |9pm - midnight

Burbank , CA US

With Justin Au (trumpet), Nate Ketner (reeds), Conrad Cayman (bass), Pete Agraan (drums).

Swing Night at The Golden China

04.23.15 |8pm

Ventura, CA US

With The Lauren Donahue Quartet.

Sacramento Music Festival

05.22.15 to 05.25.15

Sacramento, CA US

With The World's Finest Apples.

Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp

08.03.15 to 08.09.15

Pollock Pines, CA US

Teaching all week at the STJS Jazz Camp.


The Novel Cafe

04.17.15 |7 - 10pm

Pasadena, CA US

Nahum Zdybel Trio.

The Barkley

04.11.15 |9pm - 1am

South Pasadena, CA US

With the Big Butter Jazz Band.


04.04.15 |2:45pm

Valencia, CA US

Hooded Eyes performing at CalArts Festival 2015.

Los Globos

04.01.15 |10pm

Los Angeles, CA US

Hooded Eyes performing with Bird Concerns

Barclays Coffee

03.28.15 |7 - 9pm

Northridge, CA US

With the Brain Clancy Quartet.

The Novel Cafe

03.14.15 |7 - 10pm

Pasadena, CA US

Nahum Zdybel Trio

Luna's Cafe


Sacramento, CA US

Karate Mountain.

Naked Lounge


Sacramento , CA US

With Megan Gage's Lily Project

The Novel Cafe

02.20.15 |7 - 10pm

Pasadena, CA US

The Nahum Zdybel Trio.

Channel Cities Jazz Club at Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club

02.15.15 |3pm

Oxnard, CA

With the Lauren Donahue Band

Pour Vous

02.12.15 |11pm

Hollywood, CA US

With Hooded Eyes.