Nahum Zdybel Trio

The Nahum Zdybel Trio is a post-modern chamber jazz ensemble that forges a unitary aesthetic through earnest re-imaginations of material from the jazz, folk, Tin Pan Alley, and indie rock repertoires as well as original compositions and thoughtful unstructured improvisations. Championing hyper-sensitive playfulness the guitar/bass/drums trio renders their varied material as baffling combustions of spontaneity and subtle cleverness. 

 Some Antics

 Some Antics is a collaboration between Matt Booth, Brad Webb, and Nahum Zdybel.

Nahum & Molly

Molly Reeves and Nahum Zdybel are two dedicated students of the acoustic archtop guitar tradition and devotees of early 20th century American popular music. Drawn to the distinct and sometimes even unorthodox approaches of 1920s and 30s string players, Molly and Nahum playfully explore songs from the past with a sensitivity and understanding of each others playing that could only come from being married to each other—which they are. With sincere excitement they share with audiences the breadth of beautiful acoustic sounds the guitar is capable of, while uncovering musical gems from a time when the guitar coexisted as both the instrument of high-art concerts and unpretentious folk musics. 

Tap Room Four

The Tap Room Four plays 1920s chamber jazz in the Style of the Joe Venuti/Eddie Lang small ensembles. Their book features transcriptions of rarely heard gems from the Lang, Venuti and associated musicians. The Ensemble is comprised of Kris Tokarski on piano, Matt Rhody and violin, Tom Saunders on bass sax, and Nahum Zdybel on acoustic archtop guitar.