Nahum Zdybel Trio

The Nahum Zdybel Trio is a post-modern chamber jazz ensemble that forges a unitary aesthetic through earnest re-imaginations of material from the jazz, folk, Tin Pan Alley, and indie rock repertoires as well as original compositions and thoughtful unstructured improvisations. Championing hyper-sensitive playfulness the guitar/bass/drums trio renders their varied material as baffling combustions of spontaneity and subtle cleverness.

Molly Reeves / Nahum Zdybel 

Two zealous lovers intimately celebrating their mutually chosen instrument--the guitar--and its prominent though oft overlooked place in the early jazz and blues music of the 20s and 30s. The contrasting styles of these eccentric romantics combine to establish a unique voice in the tradition of guitar-centric jazz while acknowledging and paying tribute to the historic pairings of Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson, Freddie Green and Eddie Durham, and Carl Kress and Dick McDonough. The duo also lend their singing voices to creating inspired and distinctive versions of songs they find to be significant and compelling, while engaging in interaction that is unmistakably affectionate yet utterly mischievous.